Any machine running with a x86 or x64 CPU should be fine as well as those with an ARM CPU like Raspberry. Among the hardware commonly used there are found

  • Raspberry 1, Raspberry 2, Raspberry 3 (the latter one is strongly recommended due to better hardware) The majority of users utilize this hardware, see questionnaire
  • Intel NUC (recommended for stability and speed, although more power needed. Supports normal SATA drives which is an advantage over SD-cards)
  • ODroid
  • Banana Pi
  • Beagle Bone
  • Virtual machine hosted on e.g. a NAS at home
  • Docker

Operating System

Any Linux or Unix System with shell access to install the requirements and SmartHomeNG should be fine. SmartHomeNG is at least tested on Raspbian and Debian Stretch (amd64)

If using a hardware platform without buffered real time clock it is mandatory to have a NTP daemon running to get time via internet. Otherwise SmartHomeNG will not start due to missing time information.

Some libraries within SmartHomeNG still use functions depending on Unix flavour. Thus SmartHomeNG does not run on Windows and MacOS right now.