Release 1.4.2 - January 2nd, 2018

There are some bugfixes and new features for the core of SmartHomeNG and the plugins.

New functions

New functions in the CORE

  • Specific error message added, to signal that SmartHomeNG has no right to create a configuration in ../etc
  • Items:
    • Attribute update_by added
    • Initializing of prev_update und prev_change for items with cache: True set to cached time stamp
  • Scenes:
    • Bugfix: Error on startup of SmartHomeNG caught, if no learned values were stored
  • conf_to_yaml_converter:
    • Bugfix: The converter now supports blocks of comments longer than kByte. Now blocks of comments up to 32 kByte are supported.

New plugins and plugin extensions

  • Backend:
    • Diaplay of attribute update_by added
  • Enigma2:
    • Method set_power_state added
  • LIRC:
    • Parameter instance optional and can be used if multiple instances of the plugin are configured
  • RCSwitch-PI:
    • Added missing import im code. Extended Troubleshooting-Section README file
  • CLI:
    • List of logics now shows the next execution time again
  • ComfoAir:
    • Check of comfoair_trigger setting corrected
  • uzsu
    • More debug messages for attribute active watching