Release 1.4.1 - December 23rd, 2017

There are some bugfixes and new features for the core of SmartHomeNG and the plugins.

Supported Python versions

Please note: Starting from SmartHomeNG Release 1.4 we cease the active support of older Python versions. The oldest supported Python version will be Python 3.4. (See Hard- & Software Requirements in section Installation for supported Python versions)

This does not necessarily mean that SmartHomeNG as of Release 1.4 is no longer running under older Python versions. It means that SmartHomeNG is no longer tested with older Python versions and reported errors with older Python versions are no longer fixed.

Absolute minimum Python versions raised to 3.3

The minimum Python version on which SmartHomeNG starts has been increased in SmartHomeNG v1.4 from 3.2 to 3.3. By virtue of the major changes between Python 3.2 and 3.3 it has already been problematic in the past to run SmartHomeNG with plugins in a Python 3.2 environment.

New functions

New functions in the CORE

  • Composition of the version string corrected from GIT information
  • Items:
    • Bugfix: Exception caught if on_update or on_change were assigning a value to a nonexistent item
    • Bugfix: Expansion of relative item paths, if the item attribute is not a string but a list of strings
    • Casting for list s and dict s extended so that values of type str are cast accordingly (via json.loads)
    • When loading item definitions, the source file name is stored in the item for user-defined items (for display in the backend and for future features)
  • Scheduler:

  * Times with sunrise/sunset in crontab are now timezone aware rather than utc

New plugins and plugin extensions

  • AVDevice:
    • Modifications
  • Backend:
    • Items of types list or dict can be edited
    • For user-defined items: Display of the file name in which the item was defined
    • Display of SmartHomeNG version extended
    • Loggers are filtered out of the logging list, if they have only a NullHandler.
  • CLI:
    • With the extended casting for list s and dict s it is possible with the CLI plugin to assign values to lists and dictionaries
  • mail:
    • Added Gmail support
  • uzsu:

  * Times with sunrise / sunset are now timezone aware rather than utc


  • Advanced user documentation (German) on the Web