Release 1.2 - May 16th, 2016

New CORE features

  • further improved logging (Configuration via etc/logging.yaml)
  • new env.location Items:
  • env.location.sunrise.azimut.degrees
  • env.location.sunrise.azimut.radians
  • env.location.sunrise.elevation.degrees
  • env.location.sunrise.elevation.radians
  • env.location.sunset.azimut.degrees
  • env.location.sunset.azimut.radians
  • env.location.sunset.elevation.degrees
  • env.location.sunset.elevation.radians
  • env.location.sun_position.azimut.degrees
  • env.location.sun_position.azimut.radians
  • env.location.sun_position.elevation.degrees
  • env.location.sun_position.elevation.radians
  • SmartPlugin as Base class for any new plugin
  • Basic check and conversion of plugin attributes and values for data types by means of which is part of the base plugin class now
  • version numbers for SmartPlugins (attribut PLUGIN_VERSION at SmartPlugin is mandatory)
  • Ability of plugins to be running with multiple instances (instance attribute in etc/plugin.conf, binding of Items with item@\<instance_name\> (attribute ALLOW_MULTIINSTANCE=False|True mandatory)
  • unit tests for functions within the CORE Libs

Removed CORE Libs

Nothing so far

New Plugins

Removed Plugins

  • Whatsapp