Release 0.3 - August 14th, 2011


  • Asterisk plugin <plugins/asterisk/README> to monitor channels and listen for user events
  • item.fade(): fade the item to a specified value
  • item.area: provides access to the area object
  • logic.alive: safe loop expression for a clean shutdown
  • logic crontab: new keyword ‘init’
  • CLI plugin: new function ‘tr’ to trigger logics

Nonfunctional changes

  • New Logic handling. Logics share worker threads and multiple instances of one logic could run at the same time.
  • Two new functions to call/trigger a logic: logic.trigger() and sh.trigger().
  • Every logic provides an ‘trigger’ object with the reason of the call.

Bug Fixes

  • sh.sun.set() and rise provides a timezone aware datetime. :-) And a small fix in computing the dates.