Web/Cloud Plugins

protocol plugin

A web- or cloud-plugin implements the access to network or internet services.

Plugin Description Maintainer Tester

Plugin zur Ansteuerung von SmartHomeNG via Amazon Echo / Alexa, seit SmartHomeNG v1.3

hotzen psilo909
boxcar Boxcar Notification Service mode2k  

Weather data via darksky.net.

psilo909 None
ical Ermöglicht die Verwendung von Kalendern (ICS) cmalo (mknx) ohinckel

Allows to use the Join API with SmartHomeNG

Knx_fan psilo909
mail Integration von E-Mail-Accounts cmalo (mknx) psilo909, onkelandy, Sandman60

Retrieval of departure times of stations within the Münchner Verkehrsbetriebe (MVG)

nma Notify My Android Anbindung ?  

Anbindung der Nokia Health API

psilo909 psilo909

This plugin retrieves the Gamma-Ortsdosisleistung (ODL) in from several measuring stations (by “Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz”) in Germany. For more information see https://odlinfo.bfs.de.

psilo909 Sandman60
openenergymonitor Upload von Werten zu einer OpenEnergyMonitor Instanz ? (ReneHezser)  
prowl Prowl Unterstützung Foxi352 (mknx)  
pushbullet Anbindung des Pushbullet Service ? (lbernau) onkelandy, psilo909, Sandman60
pushover Connect to the Pushover Service Thomas Creutz  
speech Sprach Parser ?  

Petrol station prices by the API of TankerKönig. Take care not to request the interface too often or for too many petrol stations. Please follow instructions given on https://creativecommons.tankerkoenig.de/#techInfo.

psilo909 Sandman60
telegram Anbindung des Telegram Service (verwendet python-telegram-bot Package statt telepot Package) gamade, ivan73, bmxp  
telegram_1 Anbindung des Telegram Service (verwendet telepot package) gamade  

Get travel times and directions via the (free) Google Directions API. For your own key see <a href=”https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/intro?hl=de#traffic- model” target=”_blank”>https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/intro?hl=de#traffic- model</a>


Implementation of a webservice interface

wettercom Integration von Wetter.COM ? (Jan N. Klug) psilo909

Get weather data from wunderground.com


Notes for the list above:

  1. Plugin: The link behind the plugin name leads to the README file of the plugin. If an extended develper documentation is available, there is an entry for the plugin on the left in the navigation.
  2. Description: Links in the description column refer to (mostly german) user-documentation in the SmartHomeNG wiki
  3. Maintainer: If the mainenance state of a plugin is unknown, the column contains a ?. The ? may be followed by the name of the original author (in brackets). For plugins with an unknown maintainer it is not known at the moment, if those plugins are functional.