System Plugins

protocol plugin

System plugins extend the generell functionallity of SmartHomeNG.

Plugin Description Maintainer Tester

webinterface for displaying system information and SmartHomeNG backend data

psilo909, msinn, bmxp Sandman60
blockly Blockly - graphical editor for logics - Still in development, not for use msinn, psilo909 ?

Commandline interface for SmartHomeNG - Works with SmartHomeNG v1.4 and up

msinn onkelandy, Sandman60, ohinckel

Database plugin, since SmartHomeNG v1.3

ohinckel psilo909, onkelandy, brandst

Logging of data in another log aside from default one

ohinckel ?

Store data in an InfluxData TSDB

rthill brandst

Plugin to store item values in an InfluxData time-series database (plugin from 2017)

Kai Meder ?
memlog Store log entries in memory (for display in VISU) ohinckel cmalo
operationlog Implementation of additional logs ? (JanT112) Sandman60, onkelandy
rrd Unterstützung für RRD. Kann nicht zusammen mit dem sqlite Plugin genutzt werden. ? (mknx)  

Room Temperatur controller

Thomas Creutz / bmxp  

Recording And Replay of Actions on Items.

MichaelBu (?) psilo909, Sandman60, cmalo
sqlite Integration of a SQLite database - use this version of the plugin for smartVISU v2.7 ? ?
sqlite_visu2_8 Integration of a SQLite database - use this version of the plugin for smartVISU v2.8 and above ? ?

Finite state machine for SmarthomeNG, previously known as AutoBlind

i-am-offline, onkelandy ?

Universal time switch

cmalo, bmxp, onkelandy Sandman60, cmalo, schuma

Support for smartVISU: Automatic generation of pages; widget handling

msinn psilo909

Support for a websocket protocol (for smartVISU, etc.)

msinn psilo909

Notes for the list above:

  1. Plugin: The link behind the plugin name leads to the README file of the plugin. If an extended develper documentation is available, there is an entry for the plugin on the left in the navigation.
  2. Description: Links in the description column refer to (mostly german) user-documentation in the SmartHomeNG wiki
  3. Maintainer: If the mainenance state of a plugin is unknown, the column contains a ?. The ? may be followed by the name of the original author (in brackets). For plugins with an unknown maintainer it is not known at the moment, if those plugins are functional.