Protocol Plugins

protocol plugin

A protocol plugin implements a communication protocol (without explicitly supporting individual devices).

Plugin Description Maintainer Tester

Implementation of a MQTT client. Feature enriched implementation of the MQTT protocol v3.1.1

mqtt_1_0 Implementation of a MQTT client. - To be retired cmalo  
network Support for the protocols UDP and TCP cmalo (mknx) onkelandy, psilo909
wol Wake on LAN cmalo  
xmpp Unterstützung des Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). Unterstützt z.Zt. nur das Senden von Nachrichten ? (Skender Haxhimolla)  

Notes for the list above:

  1. Plugin: The link behind the plugin name leads to the README file of the plugin. If an extended develper documentation is available, there is an entry for the plugin on the left in the navigation.
  2. Description: Links in the description column refer to (mostly german) user-documentation in the SmartHomeNG wiki
  3. Maintainer: If the mainenance state of a plugin is unknown, the column contains a ?. The ? may be followed by the name of the original author (in brackets). For plugins with an unknown maintainer it is not known at the moment, if those plugins are functional.