Interface Plugins

protocol plugin

An interface plugin establishes the communication to a single device per plugin instance. This happens by communicating directly with a single device. If the plugin is multiinstance-capable, communication to multiple devices can be established by configuring a separate instance for every device.

Plugin Description Maintainer Tester
apcups Support for smartUPS devices sold by APC cmalo Sandman60

Controls an Apple TV

asterisk Ansteuerung einer Asterisk Telefonanlage ? (mknx)  

Controlling AV devices via TCP/IP and RS232

onkelandy Foxi352

Get and send data from/to AVM devices such as the FRITZ!Box, Wifi Repeaters or DECT sockets.

psilo909 Sandman60, cmalo
buderus Control Buderus heating through a Logamatic web KM200 module (still under development) rthill  

The CO2Meter Plugin allows to access a Dostmann TFA Dostmann AirCO2ntrol device via its raw USB data.

psilo909 ?

Suppprt for Zehnder ComfoAir 350 & 500 KWL

? (SvStefan) ohinckel

Support for Drexel & Weiss USB devices

onkelandy onkelandy, brandst
easymeter Easymeter Q3D Unterstützung ?  
ebus Supports eBus heating systems (e.g. Vailant, Wolf, Kromschroeder) - The plugin connects to a ebusd damon ( which is communicating with eBus heatings. Requirements: running ebusd deamon on the network (note: ebusd also requires an ebus-interface) ? (msinn) Sandman60

Plugin to include Enigma2 sat receivers compatible to openwebif

psilo909 Sandman60, msinn
eta_pu ETA Pellet Unit PU ( with remote access enabled (there are 3 modes available: none, readonly, read/write) ? (Brootux) psilo909, ?
gpio GPIO support for Raspberry Pi, since SmarthomeNG v1.3 onkelandy cmalo, ohinckel

Harmony hub plugin


Plugin for Helios EC x00 Pro / Vallox xx SE control

Tom Bombadil

Indego Plugin to read outBosch Indego mower robots with Connect interface


Control SIP doorstations from 2N

pfischi ?

json parser plugin based on jq

Torsten Dreyer none (yet)

plugin to control JVC D-ILA projectors and transfer gammatables generated with jvcprojectortools

NPortz ?
kathrein Kathrein Receiver ? (Johannes Mayr)  

Connecting Kodi (formerly XBMC)

onkelandy psilo

This plugin is designed to retrieve data from a [KOSTAL](http://www.kostal-solar- inverter module (e.g. PIKO inverters). Since UI-version (communication-board) 6 json-format is supported. Is currently working with the following KOSTAL inverter modules: * KOSTAL PIKO 3.0 UI-Version 06.20 (datastructure=json) * KOSTAL PIKO 5.5 UI-Version 05.xx (datastructure=html) (should work with all KOSTAL PIKO inverters)

ohinckel ohinckel, datenschuft
logo Control a Siemens LOGO PLC ? ?
luxtronic2 Integration of systems that have a Luxtronic interface (e.g. heating systems) ? (2ndsky) ohinckel

Read from Xiaomi MiFlora plant sensors.

psilo909 Sandman60
netio230b Unterstützt KOUKAAM NETIO230B Hardware, eine über Ethernet schaltbare 4-fach- Steckdose ?  

Support for the NUKI Smart Lock

fuppy, pfischi psilo909
nut This plugin is connecting to NUT daemon and can be used to read ups variables. The primary goal of the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project is to provide support for Power Devices, such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units, Automatic Transfer Switch, Power Supply Units and Solar Controllers. The plugin can be used standalone to list available variables using command upsc your_ups_name. More about NUT: 4d4mu ?
plex Send notifications to Plex clients rthill ?
pluggit Connection of a Pluggit AP310 unit using Modbus protocol ? (Henning Behrend / ratzi82) ?
roomba Anbindung von iRobot Roomba Staubsaugern ? (Mirko Hirsch) Sandman60
roomba_980 integration of the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner series 900 Zapfen83 ?
russound Anbindung von Russound Audio Geräten ?  

Support for the SMA Inverter SunnyBoy 5000TL-21, Sunny Tripower 8000TL-10, Sunny Tripower 12000TL-10

? (Robert Budde) psilo909

Access to data from SMA Energy Meter network multicast

psilo909 psilo909
smarttv The plugin allows to control SmartTVs such as Samsung. It has two implementations for old and new versions of the API on the TV. For the new version you will have to accept the access to your TV by pressing a button on your TV on the first request that comes in. ? (2ndsky) psilo909
smawb Anbindung einer oder mehrerer SMA-Sunny-WebBox(en) ? (Brootux)  

Read data from powermeter device using SML protocol

ohinckel ?
snap7_logo Control of a Siemens LOGO PLC ivande  
solarlog Auslesen der Web-Seite eines SolarLog ? (2ndsky)  

Support for Systemair residential air units through Modbus

pfischi ?

read values of a Tecalor heatpump

realhik realhik

Plugin to read out SAMSON TROVIS 557x heating controllers


Plugin to read and control some features of UniFi Controllers

jentz1986 Onkelandy, psilo909

Send item values at change to a Volkszaehler Server

vr100 Anbindung eines Vorwerk Kobold VR100 Staubsaugers. Der Kobold muss mit einem Bluetooth Modul ausgerüstet sein ? (Robert Budde)  
xbmc Anbindung von XBMC v12 (Frodo) oder neuer ggf. cmalo (mknx) onkelandy
yamaha Plugin um Yamaha RX-V und RX-S Receiver zu kontrollieren, seit SmartHomeNG v1.3 rthill Sandman60

Notes for the list above:

  1. Plugin: The link behind the plugin name leads to the README file of the plugin. If an extended develper documentation is available, there is an entry for the plugin on the left in the navigation.
  2. Description: Links in the description column refer to (mostly german) user-documentation in the SmartHomeNG wiki
  3. Maintainer: If the mainenance state of a plugin is unknown, the column contains a ?. The ? may be followed by the name of the original author (in brackets). For plugins with an unknown maintainer it is not known at the moment, if those plugins are functional.