Gateway Plugins

protocol plugin

A gateway plugin establishes the communication to multiple devices in a single plugin instance. This happens by communicating to a physical gateway or the plugin itself can comunicate with multiple devices.

Plugin Description Maintainer Tester
artnet Can control most of USB/network DMX adapters mode2k, jentz1986 ohinckel

Integration of Amazon dashbuttons

pfischi psilo909

Support for smartmeter using DLMS (Device Language Message Specification, IEC 62056-21) and delivering OBIS codes

bmxp (JuMi2006) NONE
dmx Unterstützt die DMX Interfaces NanoDMX und DMXking (RS-232) ? (mknx)  
ecmd Anbindung eines AVRMicrocontrollers. Das Protokoll gibt Zugriff auf 1wire Sensoren DS1820 ? (Dirk Wallmeier)  
elro Unterstützt elro-basierter Remote-Control-Switches ? (Brootux)  
enocean EnOcean Interface Robert Budde / A. Schwithal  

Control HomeMatic devices through a HomeMatic CCU2 (used as gateway). HomeMatic and HomeMaticIP devices are supported.

msinn msinn

Gateway for connection to one or more Philips HUE bridges

mworion, msinn Sandman60
iaqstick Unterstützung für Applied Sensor iAQ Stick und Voltcraft CO-20 ? (Robert Budde )  

Establishes connections to KNX bus systems via EIBD/KNXD daemon

msinn, (cmalo) psilo909, onkelandy, Sandman60, brandst
lirc Sends commands to lircd that sends IR-signals to any device that has an IR-interface E3EAT Onkelandy
milight Unterstützung von MiLight Leuchtmitteln ? (Stephan Schaade)  
mlgw Bang & Olufsen Masterlink Gateway msinn ?
mpd Music Player Deamon (MPD) support E3EAT  
onewire 1-Wire support via owserver cmalo (mknx) ?
raumfeld Prototyp einer einfachen Anbindung von Teufel Raumfeld ? (hholle)  

Support for 433 MHz wireless sockets

dafra ?
smlx Readout of smartmeter with SML protocol ohinckel, bmxp  
snom Telefonbuch Anbindung für Snom Telefone ? (mknx)  

Sonos plugin

pfischi pfischi

Connecting squeezebox devices (hard- and software players)

Robert, onkelandy onkelandy, Sandman60, cmalo, brandst
tellstick Unterstützung für TellStick und TellStick Duo RF Transmitter ? (Matthieu Gaigniere)  
zwave Z-Wave Support Thomas Creutz  

Notes for the list above:

  1. Plugin: The link behind the plugin name leads to the README file of the plugin. If an extended develper documentation is available, there is an entry for the plugin on the left in the navigation.
  2. Description: Links in the description column refer to (mostly german) user-documentation in the SmartHomeNG wiki
  3. Maintainer: If the mainenance state of a plugin is unknown, the column contains a ?. The ? may be followed by the name of the original author (in brackets). For plugins with an unknown maintainer it is not known at the moment, if those plugins are functional.