The executor plugin is used to test eval expressions and Python code often used within logics.


Be aware that enabling this plugin might be a security risk if other person get access to the web interface one can control the whole SmartHomeNG beast. So be careful!!!


Activating the plugin is enough.

Example Eval

12 if 23 % 3 == 5 else None

This will return None

sh..child() + 4

As the eval term contains relative item declaration it is necessary to define the item path of the item containing the referred child item.

Example Python Code

A mockup of logger and print should work for output. The intention is that most parts of a logic can be copied and pasted here from a logic for test purposes.

Test the logger

logger.warning("Eine Warnung")
logger.info("Eine Info")
logger.debug("Eine Debugmeldung")
logger.error("Eine Debugmeldung")

Print Series Data for an item

Deal with data from database plugin for an item <your item here>:

import json

def myconverter(o):
    import datetime
    if isinstance(o, datetime.datetime):
      return o.__str__()
data = sh.<your item here>.series('max','1d','now')
pretty = json.dumps(data, default = myconverter, indent = 2, separators=(',', ': '))

would result in

  "sid": "ArbeitszimmerOG.Raumtemperatur|max|1d|now|100",
  "cmd": "series",
  "update": "2019-11-09 17:54:22.205668+01:00",
  "params": {
    "sid": "ArbeitszimmerOG.Raumtemperatur|max|1d|now|100",
    "update": true,
    "start": 1573317598203,
    "end": "now",
    "func": "max",
    "item": "ArbeitszimmerOG.Raumtemperatur",
    "step": 864000
  "series": [