Module dummy

This module implements nothing.

class modules.dummy.dummy(sh, testparam='')[source]

Bases: object

version = '1.x.y'
longname = 'Dummy module for SmartHomeNG'

If the module needs to startup threads or uses python modules that create threads, put thread creation code or the module startup code here.

Otherwise don’t enter code here


If the module has started threads or uses python modules that created threads, put cleanup code here.

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A formatted version of the sample can be found here:

A raw version of the for copy and paste can be found below the metadata file.

The meta data file:

# Metadata for the plugin
    # Global plugin attributes
    classname: dummy
    version: 1.x.y
    sh_minversion: 1.3a
#    sh_maxversion: 1.3             # maximum shNG version to use this plugin (leave empty if latest)
        de: 'Modul zur Implementierung von ...'
        en: 'Module for implementing ...'

        type: str
# Module dummy

This module allows plugins to implement nothing.

> Note: To write a plugin that utilizes this module, you have to be familiar with CherryPy. 

## Requirements

This module is running under SmmartHomeNG versions beyond v1.3. It requires Python >= 3.4 as well as ... . You can install the libraries (python modules) with:

(sudo apt-get install ...)
sudo pip3 install ...

And please pay attention that the lib(s) are installed for Python3 and not an older Python 2.7 that is probably installed on your system. Be carefull to use `pip3` and nor `pip`.

> Note: This module needs the module handling in SmartHomeNG to be activated. Make sure, that `use_modules`in `etc/smarthome.yaml` is **not** set to False!

## Configuration

### etc/module.yaml

# etc/module.yaml
    class_name: Dummy
    class_path: modules.dummy


## API of module dummy

### Test if module dummy is loaded

`dummy` is a loadlable module. Therefore there is no guarantiee that it is present in every system. Before you can use this module, you have to make sure ist is loaded. You can do it by calling a method of the main smarthome object. Do it like this:

self.classname = self.__class__.__name__

    self.mod_dummy = self._sh.get_module('dummy')
    self.mod_dummy = None
if self.mod_dummy == None:
    # Do what is necessary if you can't start a web interface
    # for your plugin. For example:
    self.logger.error('{}: Module ''dummy'' not loaded - Abort loading of plugin {0}'.format(self.classname))