Section module:

The global metadata section module: has the following keys:

# Metadata for the module
    # Global module attributes
    classname: Http
    version: 1.4.3
    sh_minversion: 1.3a
#   sh_maxversion:          # maximum shNG version to use this module (leave empty if latest)
        de: 'Modul zur Implementierung von Backend-Webinterfaces für Plugins'
        en: 'Module for implementing a backend-webinterface for plugins'

Description of the keys in the section module:

  • classname: Name of the Python class to initialize
  • version: Version number of the module. It is checked against the version number defined in the Python source code
  • sh_minversion: Minimum SmartHomeNG version this module is compatible with. If sh_minversion is left empty, SmartHomeNG assumes that the module is compatible with every version of SmartHomeNG [Test not yet implemented]
  • sh_maxversion: Maximum SmartHomeNG version this module is compatible with (or empty, if compatible with the actual version of SmartHomeNG) [Test not yet implemented]
  • description: Multilanguage Text describing what the module does. - The texts in the different languages are specified in sub-entries in the form <language>: <text>. Use the standard two letter codes for specifying the language (de, en, fr, pl, ..)
  • classpath: Usually not specified. Only needed, if the module resides outside the /modules folder