Class PluginWrapper

This class implements the following methods and properties:

class lib.plugin.PluginWrapper(smarthome, name, classname, classpath, args, instance, meta)[source]

Bases: threading.Thread

Wrapper class for loading plugins

  • smarthome – Instance of the smarthome master-object
  • name (str) – Section name in plugin configuration file (etc/plugin.yaml)
  • classname (str) – Name of the (main) class in the plugin
  • classpath (str) – Path to the Python file containing the class
  • args (dict) – Parameter as specified in the configuration file (etc/plugin.yaml)
  • instance (str) – Name of the instance of the plugin
  • meta (object) –

Starts this plugin instance


Stops this plugin instance


Returns the name of current plugin instance

Returns:name of the current plugin instance
Return type:str

Returns the thread ident of current plugin instance

Returns:Thread identifier of current plugin instance
Return type:int

Returns the implementation of current plugin instance

Returns:the current plugin instance
Return type:object