Build Documentation

This developer documentation and the german user documentation are part of the github repository. An actual version of this documentation can be built from the develop branch by following the instructions below.

Checkout and Build of Documentation

Create a directory for the build process to work in:

cd /usr/local
sudo mkdir shng_doc
sudo chown -R smarthome:smarthome /usr/local/shng_doc

Copy the build script from your SmartHomeNG installation to that directory and make it executable:

cd shng_doc
cp /usr/local/smarthome/doc/ .
chmod 755

Install the Python packages needed for the build process:

sudo pip3 install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme recommonmark

Build the documentation:


This script creates a subdirectory work in which the build process takes place and the results are stored.

After the script has finished, the user documentation is stored in


and the develper documentation is stored in


Each documentation can be viewed by opening the corresponding index.html file in a browser.

Options of the build script

The script has some options that are helpfull if the documentation is built repeatedly.

If you start the build script a second time, it will build the documentation from the files, that have been checked out from git on the first run. If the files should be copied from git again, has to be started with the option -f (f = force checkout).

If only one of the documentations (user or developer) should be build, the options -u or -d can be used.

If the documentation should be built from the master branch, the option -m can be used. It should be combined with -f to ensure that the right files are checked out.